Take a look at all of the services we currently provide below. If you have any more questions about what we have to offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stump & Tree Removal

We take care of ANY size tree, taking extreme caution, applying & practising safety at ALL times.  We use tree climbers & also a Forestry Boom Truck.


Hedge Trimming

We do all sorts of different shapes and size hedges from light trimming to large height reductions, also removing hedges.


Stump Grinding

 Stump Grinding is a Stump
Grinding process where the machine actually grinds down the stump, we go down 12" below grade.


Emergency Storm Damage

Same Day Service

We provide same day service and Emergency Storm Damage Service ...
Call us for details!

Tree Pruning

We prune tress of any size using
tree climbers and also forestry boom bucket truck to perform the proper pruning techniques.



We have a variety of Mulch available for free, contact for details!


- FAQ's - 

Do you do free Quotes?

Yes all quotes are free!


Do I need to be there for the Quote?

You do not need to be home for the quote. We will call you from your property to discuss it. 
If you would prefer to be home, just let us know.


How quickly can I get the work done?

As far as timing to get the work done of course depends on size of service required and how busy we are, although we can sometimes arrange your work to coordinate another service you might be having done e.g. building a garage, driveway etc.


Do you have Liability Insurance?

Yes we have Liability Insurance.


Are you covered under WCB?

Yes we are covered under WCB.

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